Shenendehowa Academic Tutoring

Math Tutoring: All levels of math from elementary to high school including:
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra Two with Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus

English Tutoring: All levels of English and reading from elementary to high school including:
Wilson Reading System,12th Grade Regents' Exam, Writing Skills, College Essay

Science Tutoring: All levels of science from elementary to high school including:
Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

LOTE (Languages other than English): All levels of language from elementary to high school including:
Spanish, German, French, Latin

Psychological Tutoring: Performance issues, Study Skills, Time Management

SAT Prep Tutoring

Tutoring is an option for students who cannot take SAT Prep due to other commitments or who must take the SAT during a month when SAT Prep isn't offered. Moreover, some students need additional support in math, English or relieving test taking anxiety than can be offered in a classroom setting.

SAT Prep Courses

Please check back later this summer for our fall offering of SAT Prep. We typically offer a course either in the Shenendehowa community or at Scotia-Glenville High School.

Capital District Consulting: Workshops

  • Madeline Hunter's ITIP Model for Direct Instruction: Teaching how to teach
  • Mnemonics: The practical application of memory skills
  • Peer Mediation: Making your school safer and friendlier
  • Peer Mentoring: Students helping students
  • Peer Tutoring: Teaching students to teach students
  • Sports Psychology: Improving athletic performance through mental rehearsal and visualization
  • Study Skills: Learning how to learn
  • Test Taking Anxiety: Performing in your comfort zone
  • Time Management: Accomplishing what's important for your life
  • Wilson Reading System Level I Instruction

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